Private orthodontics

Private orthodontic treatment is available to all patients of all ages and provides patients with the opportunity to receive the widest range of treatment, using the latest treatment techniques.

Benefits of private care

With private orthodontics there is no waiting list, so treatment can begin right away. You will receive the highest quality treatment available, carried out by your own specialist orthodontist, which ensures continuity of care. You will have access to advanced braces for faster treatment and added comfort, as well as more aesthetic braces, including tooth coloured, clear aligners and even hidden braces, which fit on the inside of your teeth.

Specialist orthodontics: Dentalign

Dentalign Orthodontics is our specialist chain of orthodontic practices. These practices exclusively provide orthodontic treatments and each practice has dedicated orthodontists who are highly trained in a wide range of teeth straightening techniques.

Dentalign Orthodontics has been providing people with a comprehensive range of teeth straightening treatments for 30 years.

As well as offering NHS orthodontics for under-18s, we also offer private orthodontics to children and adults.
We offer you an exceptional level of care and use the latest techniques to ensure you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.