Orthodontics is how teeth are realigned in order to straighten smiles. You’ll find that we offer a complete range of orthodontic solutions.

Patients under the age of 18 have the option to be assessed to see if they meet the criteria to receive orthodontic treatment on the NHS. For adults and those who don’t qualify for NHS care there is an ever-increasing array of treatments designed to meet their needs.

Advances in orthodontics and a decline in the stigma attached to wearing braces have seen patients turning to orthodontic treatments, even later in life. With hidden and invisible braces it’s possible to straighten your teeth without the use of what they used to call ‘train tracks’.

If you are interested, then discuss this with your Oasis Dental Care dentist. Some of our dentists offer teeth straightening services. And if they don’t, they will be able to refer you to a local practice that does.

Dentalign Orthodontics are special Oasis Dental Care practices dedicated specifically to the art of teeth straightening. They provide unrivalled and professional orthodontic treatments, with all the quality patient care you've come to expect with an Oasis practice. To find out more about Dentalign Orthodontics click here.

Dentalign Orthodontics is part of Oasis Dental Care and is a chain of specialist orthodontic practices that offer orthodontic treatments, including both NHS and private orthodontics.

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