Why Bupa Dental Care?

Patient Care

Patient care is our top priority. From making sure our practices have accessible appointment times, to offering the latest in dental treatments - every aspect of your dental care journey is carefully considered.

We’ve been making changes to help our patients access the treatment they need, at their convenience.

This involves:

  • Offering extending opening hours to include late nights and Saturdays
  • Introducing our convenient online booking system
  • Making our prices transparent for both NHS and private patients by putting our costs clearly on our website

 We’re constantly improving through:

  • Focussing on outcomes – we set clear goals for our people and our business to improve the dental health of our patients
  • Innovation - we are driven by what dental care should be, not what it has been
  • Collaboration – by using our UK-wide network to share knowledge and training, we raise standards for all dentistry

We have also created introductory private service plans, such as our Bupa Dental Essentials (formerly Oasis Basics) and Teen Align. These services are available to those who cannot obtain NHS care, but aren't able to pay full private care fees. Find out more in our patient care section.

Quality of Care

We aim to provide every patient with an exceptional dental care experience. Patient care is our top priority and we continually measure our performance in this area. We're 100% compliant with the Care Quality Commission - an independent organisation that regulates health care services. As well as this, many of our practices have received the BDA Good Practice Gold Award, following strict clinical audits from the British Dental Association - the dental governing body in the UK.

 Based on patient feedback between 95% and 98% of our patients say they'd recommend us to a friend. Our patients feel included in decisions regarding their care and they think their treatment was of good quality. For more information visit our Quality of Care page.

Practice Accessibility

We aim to make top-quality dental care accessible to everyone across the UK. That's why we have over 400 practices nationwide, providing quality care to over two million patients. We're passionate about ensuring our patients receive the best care no matter where they are.

 As part of our commitment to accessibility, we work closely with the NHS and run a number of NHS pilot programmes. These are aimed at maintaining and extending the accessibility of NHS dental care in the UK. You can easily find your nearest Bupa Dental Care (formerly Oasis Dental Care) practice using our Practice Search page.

Our Guarantee

We want all our patients to have complete confidence in our services. That's why we offer a one-year guarantee for our fillings, root fillings, inlays, crowns and dental implants whether you receive NHS or private care. For more information visit the Bupa Dental Care Guarantee page.

Transparent Costs

We believe in being completely transparent about the treatments we offer and their costs. Whether you are an NHS patient or are being seen privately, we will always explain your treatment options and the costs involved, prior to treatment commencing.

We also believe in making sure you have an informed choice in the dental care you receive. Where there is a range of treatment options available, our dental people will explain the benefits of each to you. For more information visit the Transparent Costs page.

Social Responsibility

Our patient’s wellbeing is always our top priority. That’s why, aside from ensuring oral excellence, we take our social responsibilities very seriously.

We consider environmental, social and governance policy (ESG) to be an important part of the way we conduct our business. We have a responsibility to our patients, staff, and the broader society in which we operate. We aim, through our practices and policies, to create value for our patients, minimise our impact on the environment and improve the quality of the local communities in which we operate.

We are proud to be the winners of the Social Responsibility Team of the Year award at the 2016 British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Awards.

 For more information visit our Social Responsibility page.

10 Reasons to Switch

If you’re not yet persuaded to register with Bupa Dental Care (formerly Oasis Dental Care) our 10 reasons to switch will convince you.

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