Treatments and Symptoms

We also offer treatments that improve the appearance of your smile - giving you the confidence boost you deserve.

A good at-home routine of brushing and flossing, alongside regular visits to your dentist, will minimise your risk of developing problems with your oral health, however, if an issue with your teeth or gums does develop, we can provide the treatment you need to address it.

Our dental professionals offer treatments for a range of symptoms - including gum disease, sensitive teeth, tooth ache and gingivitis. You can find out more about the symptoms we can address by visiting our Symptoms pages.

We also offer restorative dental treatments such as fillings, root canal work, crowns, bridges and tooth extraction - so you can take control of broken or damaged teeth. Visit our Treatment pages to find out more.

Here, you'll also find details of the Expert Advice our dental professionals can offer you and your family, along with the latest news from the dental industry in our News and Updates section.

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