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Book An Appointment At Bupa Dental Care Tewkesbury

Booking an appointment with Oasis is easy. You can book an appointment 24 hours a day with either our online booking system or the contact enquiry form. Alternatively, you can give the practice a call to speak to our reception team, or by all means drop in and see us.


Cancelling Appointments

The running costs of our dental practice are high, and patients are asked to give at least 24 hours working notice when cancelling an appointment – and please do this in person, rather than by sending us an email. The time an appointment is cancelled by email will be counted from the time it is opened by us and not from the time it is sent. When 24 hours working notice has not been given, or when an appointment is missed, we charge a late cancellation/fail to attend fee of £1 for each appointment minute missed – which incidentally will cover less than one third of our hourly costs! We will always do our best to remind patients they have an appointment at least 24 hours before one is due, by phone, text or email, but cannot guarantee this and we expect patients to update us on new contact numbers and email addresses.

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