We're delighted to say that Bupa has bought Oasis Dental Care including all our dental practices. If you're already an Oasis patient, rest assured your usual care and service will continue as normal and your practice will soon be rebranded to Bupa Dental Care.



  • Sweta Nagar

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 84355 | MSc AGDP (University of Birmingham 2016), MPDC RCSEd (2016, Statutory Exam GDC England (2004), BDS India (2000)

    Sweta joined the team in 2011 when she moved from Worcester where she worked for eight years before joining Sutton Coldfield. She is experienced in all areas of general dentistry and prides herself on being very good with children and nervous patients. She has special interests in endodontic and cosmetic dentistry.

  • Azeb Shafi

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 228932 | BDS Birmingham (2012)

    Dr Azeb Shariff joined The Mill street practice in June 2014. Dr Shariff studied at the Birmingham Dental School.

  • Vishal Patel

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 150407 | BDS Birmingham (2008)

    Dr Patel qualified at the Birmingham Dental School in 2008. He has a keen interest in orthodontics and restorative work Dr Patel joined the practice in November 2013.

  • Razaullah Ahmed

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 251607 | BDS Kings's College London 2014

  • Sarendeep Lolay

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 252347 | B.Med.Sci (Hons) Birmingham (2009), BDS. Birmingham (2014)

  • Niknam Kafaie

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 76102 | DDS University of Lund 1999

  • Morteza kanani

    Dentist GDC Reg No. 74028 | DDS Stockholm 1998


  • Linda Pritchard

    Hygienist GDC Reg No. 3298 | Dip Dent Therapy Brist 2011 CEB Cert in Dental Hygiene 1987

    Linda Pritchard EDH qualified in Birmingham UK.

  • Karen Reeves

    Hygienist GDC Reg No. 2714 | CEB Cert in Dental Hygiene 1983

  • Linda Martindale

    Hygienist GDC Reg No. 2010 | CEB Dip Dent Hygiene 1995

Dental Nurses

  • Sharon Carrolan

    Dental Nurse GDC Reg No. 160106 | Verified competency in dental nursing

Practice staff

  • Rebecca Moore

    Practice Manager

Bupa Dental Care Sutton Coldfield

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