There are three standard charges for NHS dental treatments. The three bands (see below) make it easy to know how much you may need to pay for the care you receive.

  • Band 1

    An examination, diagnosis (eg X-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems and a scale and polish, if necessary.

    This level of treatment is 22.70 in England and 14.30 in Wales. Urgent treatment also falls under Band 1.

  • Band 2

    Band 2 covers everything listed in Band 1, as well as any further treatment like fillings, root canal work or extractions.

    This level of treatment is 62.10 in England and 46.00 in Wales.

  • Band 3

    Finally, Band 3 covers everything in Bands 1 and 2, but includes crowns, dentures or bridges.

    The charge for Band 3 treatments is 269.30 in England and 199.10 in Wales.

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