Treatment Costs
Adult Check-up £33.00
Children's Check-up (under 5) FREE
Children's Check-up (age 5-16) £10.00
Emergency Appointment £56.00
X-Ray (first 2 are Free) £6.50
Extraction £65.00
Surgical Extraction £195.00
Silver Filling (Small) £53.00
Silver Filling (Large) £81.00
White Filling (Small Front teeth only) £75.00
Root Fillings (front teeth) £114.00
Root Fillings (back teeth) £235.00
Full Dentures (Acrylic) £475.00
Partial Denture upper or lower (Acrylic) £308.00
Crown - back teeth (metal) £323.00
Crown - front teeth (porcelain bonded) £389.00
Bridges - porcelain bonded (per unit) £389.00

As with NHS dental treatments, some treatments, including those of a cosmetic nature such as white fillings and crowns, are not always available Bupa Dental Essentials. however, Bupa Dental Essentials still allows access to a full range of dental care, allowing patients to access such treatments privately. simply ask your dentist about the full range of dental treatments available to enhance your smile!

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