If the thought of wearing metal braces prevents you from having orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth then Invisalign might be the solution. Invisalign “Invisible” braces is a series of clear plastic aligners that slowly move your teeth over time to the desired position.


"I was totally comfortable trusting Dr White and his support staff, who were all genuine and kind throughout the entire process. I have and will continue to positively recommend Dr. White and his team."  Michaela

The benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces are that they are very discrete. Plus, you can remove them so that they do not interfere with eating or your oral hygiene. If you would like to find out if you are suitable for Invisalign treatment please call to arrange a free consultation.


If you’re looking for a superior and subtle solution to perfect your smile, we offer Invisalign® straightening treatments to help you achieve just that. Performed by our expert dentists, Invisalign® is an excellent orthodontic treatment designed to align your smile whilst being almost undetectable in appearance.

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