Endodontic treatment aims to preserve the health of the periapical area (area around the roots of the tooth) and prevent infection caused by bacteria inside the pulp.

Pulp is the vital tissue of the tooth which is often exposed to the intra oral bacteria. As a result the pulp tissue gets inflamed and/or infected. This is usually associated with pain or swelling. Endodontics allow you to retain the use of the tooth especially where extraction would otherwise create cosmetic and other problems, possibly involving bridges, crowns or dentures. Following completion of a root filling, the tooth usually needs restoring further. This can sometimes be by a crown or similar cast restoration. These restorations such as crowns and similar cast restorations are made for you in the award winning labs that we use.
Also, at White Dental you can benefit by having more than one type of specialist treatment at the same time and at the same location.

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