Dental Hygienist Services

Hygienists provide a deep clean of your mouth, removing any unwanted plaque and tartar. Attending regular hygienist appointments can help to ensure a healthy and happy smile.

What is the purpose of hygienist services?

While an appointment with a dentist allows us to work on maintaining your dental health, as well as improving the appearance of your smile or conducting necessary treatments, a hygienist appointment focuses on preventing any future dental problems from occurring, and helping to protect you from unwanted conditions such as gum disease.

What is included in hygienist services?

The hygienist services that we provide include the following:

Scale and polish

Providing a deep clean of your teeth and mouth, a scale and polish helps to remove the plaque, tartar and discolouration that can build up on our teeth over time.

Root planning

Root planning treatment works to ensure the area under your gums and tooth roots are clean and free from bacteria and tartar deposits. The procedure can sometimes be performed under local anaesthetic for complete comfort.

Periodontal surgery

This type of surgery is usually performed to combat the effects of gum disease. If this is something your dentist has recommended, you will receive a dedicated treatment plan to ensure the best possible results.

Oral Care

Hygienist services provide a tailored insight into how you as an individual should be caring for your teeth. Your dental hygienist will provide bespoke advice that's specific to your teeth, your dental health and your smile.

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