Full Arch Restoration

If you've experienced loss of all of your teeth, full arch restoration treatment is the most advanced solution available to replace your missing teeth.

Full arch restoration is sometimes also referred to as All-on-4, Same Day Teeth or Teeth in a Day.

What is full arch restoration?

A full arch restoration involves a full set of replacement teeth in the form of a prosthetic bridge or denture, which is fixed securely and permanently into your mouth using dental implants. It is used to replace the entirety of either your upper or lower teeth, or both, with results that are as natural and comfortable as possible. Our team of experts will be able to provide you with plenty of information on the options available, as well as guide you through the treatment path that you decide is best.

How is full arch restoration performed?

Before the restoration can be carried out, your dentist will need to check your bone structure is able to house the necessary implants. This is usually performed by use of a CT scan.

Once your dentist is happy that a full arch restoration is the best option for you, any remaining teeth will be taken out, before the dental implants that hold your new teeth can be fitted.

You’ll be fitted with a temporary bridge whilst the new implants are integrating with your jaw and mouth, so that you can leave the practice with a new smile. Once the implants are fully healed, your dentist will be able to fix your final bridge, which will securely and permanently fit your mouth. Your finished teeth should look and feel as natural as possible, and leave you free to laugh, talk and enjoy your favourite foods with confidence.

Am I suitable for full arch restoration?

If you are missing several teeth, full arch restoration provides a professional, fuss-free finish. It's also ideal if you'd rather not have dentures, which require removing and maintaining.

Full arch restoration can also be a great solution for those that are looking for a quick treatment - the nature of the treatment means you can usually have a full set of teeth replaced in just one day.

A full arch restoration is a suitable option for patients that have experienced some level of bone loss in their jaw, as the procedure requires just four dental implants to be placed (as opposed to individual implants for each missing tooth, which is not suitable in some cases.)

Not only can this procedure give you a natural-looking smile, but a real confidence boost too. Our professional team will be more than happy to guide you through the process of having a full arch restoration performed, and to discuss in detail how this life-changing treatment can work for you.

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