Dental Bridges

For a safe, secure and subtle fix if you've lost one or more of your natural teeth, dental bridges provide a great solution - particularly if you’d prefer not to wear a denture.

What is a bridge?

A dental bridge consists of one or more crowns (artificial teeth) that are joined together to essentially 'bridge' a gap in your teeth. They cannot be removed, making them a suitable, long-lasting solution to tooth loss. They are easy to maintain, requiring only a little extra attention to be incorporated into your usual cleaning routine.

What's the treatment process?

Once your treatment plan has been agreed, your dentist will take every care to ensure you're aware of the process, ensuring each step will achieve the right result for you.

Before a dental bridge can be fitted, your dentist will ensure that the teeth that will support it are suitable to do so. If not, your treatment plan will be amended to ensure that their strength is restored prior to your treatment. The supporting teeth can then be prepared, ready to hold your dental bridge.

To allow our experts to create a bespoke bridge, an impression will be taken of your mouth – this ensures that you receive a comfortable fit. A temporary bridge is sometimes used, while the custom one is being created for you.

Your custom-made dental bridge will then be fitted securely in place, restoring your tooth function to that of natural teeth.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

With proper care, dental bridges can last for approximately 10-15 years.

Having a dental bridge fitted can also go some way in helping reduce the chance of a speech impediment from developing as a result of having a gap in your natural teeth.

Our highly qualified team will ensure your dental bridge fits perfectly, and blends in with your natural teeth seamlessly, leaving you feeling confident in your smile.

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