If you've experienced a cracked, broken or otherwise damaged tooth, the services you'll find in our Repairing Teeth section are sure to help. Your dentist will be able to advise on the best course of restorative dental treatment for you, while here on our site you'll find details of what each treatment entails, and how it can benefit your smile.

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One of the more common procedures in general dentistry, which most people are familiar with, is dental fillings. However, due to advancements in the way fillings can be carried out, they're no longer restricted to having a grey, metallic appearance, and can now be designed to look far more natural and discreet.

Whichever option you choose, your dentist will certainly ensure the quality and fit of your filling, resulting in a comfortable, practical solution to a broken or damaged tooth.

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Crowns are often suggested to restore a tooth that has been extensively damaged or weakened and is now unsuitable just to be filled. They provide a seamless finish, resulting in a tooth that functions and feels like a normal one should.  Your dentist will thoroughly explain how a crown will work, making sure that your bespoke treatment plan is 100% clear and convenient for you.

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For a safe, secure and subtle fix if you've lost one or more of your natural teeth, dental bridges provide a great solution - particularly if you’d prefer not to wear a denture.

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment, often referred to as an endodontic treatment, is often the best solution if you have a tooth where the nerve has become inflamed due to dental decay, or has been exposed through an injury to the tooth. Either way, these can be quite painful, which is why our highly-skilled dentists are best-placed to provide advice on the optimal course of action for you, to help you to feel comfortable again.

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