Braces (Orthodontics)

Whilst there are now a range of teeth straightening treatments on offer, traditional braces are still a popular and reliable method of achieving a straighter smile, and are often suitable for even the most complex cases.

What is a traditional brace?

Traditional braces involve having a fixed appliance (sometimes referred to as ‘train tracks’) fitted to your teeth. The wires and brackets involved in this treatment work together to gradually align your teeth, and are the most common type of brace. Fixed braces are available in metal, clear and ceramic options, so you can find a solution that fits your budget as well as your tastes.

Each bracket will be individually attached to your teeth, meaning they’re worn continuously until your treatment is completed. As they work to gradually straighten your teeth, you’ll most likely need to wear traditional braces for an extended period of time to ensure that your treatment is successful; however, your dentist will be able to advise you as to what is required to achieve the smile you’d like.

How do I look after a traditional brace?

Fixed braces will require an extra level of cleaning in order to keep your teeth and mouth healthy while you have one fitted. Your dentist will ensure you’re well-prepared to make sure your brace is properly maintained.

You will also need to consider the foods you eat while wearing a fixed brace. Particularly tough foods could cause damage, so it’s essential to avoid some things (particularly sticky or chewy foods) until your braces have been removed.

What are the options?

If you’d like to improve the appearance of your smile and straighten your teeth, your dentist will discuss all the possible treatment options for you. There are numerous options available for straightening your teeth - you can find more information either by browsing our website, or by simply getting in touch with our friendly team. Our highly-skilled clinicians are experts in their field, making them best-placed to provide you with advice on how to achieve the results you want.

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