Inman Aligners

If you’re looking for a quick and effective solution to aligning your front teeth, Inman aligners are a superior treatment option. Designed to provide effective results quickly, this option is ideal if you’re looking to make a simple change to your smile.

How do Inman aligners work?

Inman aligners are removable braces that are used to pull your front teeth into position through the use of a small titanium spring that sits alongside your back teeth. The brace is smooth and mostly made from plastic, making it comfortable to wear without causing irritation.

The coil springs in this aligner work together to gently pull a bow that sits across your front teeth, safely pulling the teeth into position. The movements this type of brace makes to your teeth are simple and effective, and are also an ideal option to sit neatly into a bigger treatment plan. Inman aligners can sometimes be used as a means of enabling an additional straightening treatment to be more successfully used afterwards.

What are the other options?

While Inman aligners offer a speedy solution to straightening your front teeth, there are of course plenty of options to choose from when improving the appearance of your smile. Whether you’re in need of a more subtle solution, a more complex procedure or a different kind of cosmetic treatment such as whitening, your dentist will explore all possible options to find the most suitable one for you.

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