Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics)

Whether you’re an adult or a teen, if you’re looking for a straighter smile, our wide range of orthodontic treatments are the perfect solution to achieve the look you want without impacting on your lifestyle.

Our expert team are best-placed to not only help our patients to obtain a more confident smile, but also to offer professional advice on the best course of action to achieve the exact results you’re looking for.

Plenty of choice

Nowadays, the options for straightening your teeth are varied. From traditional braces that gradually move your teeth into place, to more discreet and speedy options using the latest technology, our professional dentists stay atop of the latest innovations in order to provide the best solutions for our patients.

Orthodontic treatments include:

Lingual braces – this treatment method works the same way as traditional fixed braces, but the brackets are attached to the back (tongue-side) of your teeth, making your orthodontic treatment virtually invisible.

Removable braces – brands such as Invisalign offer clear, removable braces, which can be taken out for eating, brushing and playing sports. Removable braces are almost unnoticeable, and can be effective for a range of straightening needs.

Getting your perfect smile

Teeth straightening is no longer just associated with teenagers; adult braces and other cosmetic treatments are becoming an increasingly popular option to improve the appearance of your smile. With some treatment options being virtually invisible, no one need know that you’re wearing braces – and some cases can be completed in just a few months.

To discuss your options for creating a straighter, more confident smile, get in touch today and book a patient consultation. Our team of experts will be able to explain the entire process, before creating a treatment plan that suits you perfectly.


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