Dental sedation

As many as one in four people has a fear of visiting the dentist. This fear is often due to a previous bad experience or, in some cases, a fear that the treatment will be painful.

We take great care in ensuring that you have the best possible experience when they visit us. If you have a fear of the dentist it’s important to let us know when you first make contact. We can then make sure that from the moment you arrive at the practice we provide you with the help you need to make your visit as easy-going and stress-free as possible.

If you are particularly phobic, it may be necessary to use one of a range of dental sedation techniques. Dental sedation, or dental anaesthesia, doesn’t put you to sleep like a general anaesthetic. It puts you into a deeply relaxed state where you are still conscious and able to converse with your dentist. Not all our practices offer sedation, and it’s only available privately so please check with your local Oasis dentist to find out more.

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