Transparent costs

Our pricing structure

We believe in being completely transparent about the treatments we offer and their costs. Whether you are an NHS patient or are being seen privately we will always explain your treatment options and the costs involved, prior to treatment commencing.

We also believe in making sure you have an informed choice in the dental care you receive. Where there is a range of treatment options available, our dental people will explain the benefits of each, so you know all the facts first.

If you are currently undergoing a course of treatment and would like further information call our advice line on 0808 1599505

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At Oasis Dental Care your check-ups and treatment will generally fall into one of three categories:

  • NHS dentistry: the costs for NHS dentists are separated into one of three charges depending on the nature of the work involved
  • Oasis Basics: Oasis Basics offers a great value check-up and a range of fixed price treatments
  • Private care: for patients looking for more choice and enhanced service. Fees are specific to your local dental practice

Read more about a full comparison of your service options, or more about our payment plans including 0% finance.