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The pitfalls of dental tourism

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‘Dental tourism’ is a growing phenomenon. Many thousands of Britons travel to Europe and beyond to seek dental care and usually a holiday while they’re there. Countries like Hungary, Poland, Turkey, India and Thailand offer treatment that appears very affordable…

But what is the real cost?

First off, there’s the chance that the dentist you are consulting overseas may not have the training and experience necessary to perform the procedure you’re undergoing. If you go to a dentist locally, you know exactly who they are and you will know where they were trained. In other words, you have recourse. This may not be the case if you’ve gone abroad for treatment and are unhappy with the results.

It is good to be aware that while the price of a dental procedure may ostensibly seem great, you could well be in for some surprise additional costs. And not just hidden ones. There is also the very real danger that something goes wrong, and it takes a lot more money when you get home and have to have the botched treatment fixed. Travel insurance doesn’t cover medical tourism and so you will be liable for any such treatment.

Rectifying a dental procedure that has gone wrong is no joke. A lack of follow-up treatment (what we call continuity) is a problem with dental procedures performed overseas. Often patients can’t stay in a foreign country long enough for the dentist involved to continue keeping an eye on the work he has done.

If there is a dental procedure you need or are considering cosmetic treatment, but are put off by the cost, we strongly suggest that you speak to the people at your nearest Oasis Dental care practice. You may be surprised to see how reasonable we have priced the dental care procedures available with our Oasis Basics package. And for more advanced treatments, we are able to offer you a payment plan and even 0% finance. With us, your dental health comes first and we will do all we can to make sure you get the best treatment available.

So look local for dental care. It really is a better choice.