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The Best Smile of Eurovision 2015

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We took a look at the best and brightest smiles of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 to pick our top 10 favourite smiles. Competition was fierce, but we have a winner...

The prize for Eurovision's best set of teeth goes to…

2015 is the 60th anniversary year of the Eurovision Song Contest, but besides the eclectic singing styles and somewhat dubious tastes in fashion, has anyone ever considered how the finalists' teeth compare? We took a look at the images of ten of this year's finalists to analyse the condition of their teeth – and here are the results.

Ranked in tenth position is Albania's Elhaida Dani. A fabulous singer – she won The Voice of Italy in 2013. Elhaida's front teeth are in great condition, but overall her smile is not as bright and healthy looking as some of the other finalists. Still her song is a cracker! A qualified Oasis Dental Care dentist can advise on brushing technique.

Elhaida DaniA firm favourite, first place in our "best teeth of Eurovision" competition goes to Germany's finalist Ann Sophie. Ann Sophie has a stunning smile. Her teeth are perfectly white, which indicates that she's highly likely to thoroughly brush and floss her teeth twice a day. 

Ann SophieAccording to research conducted by YouGov into dental plans, 14% say they worry that if they go to the dentist more regularly, further problems will be found. It's important to visit your dentist, even if you believe there isn't an urgent problem. Dentists can give you plenty of advice about how to look after your teeth on a day-to-day basis.

If you want a smile worthy of the Eurovision stage, let Oasis Dental Care guide you on the road to a healthy smile. Find your local Oasis clinic here.