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Whitening Winners

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If you’ve been in one of our practices recently, you may have spotted our Smile Magazine. Our Smiles Magazine is packed full of useful tips and oral health advice as well as fantastic competitions for our patients.

And the Winners are...

Sometime ago, we held a competition giving away At Home Whitening Kits to five lucky Oasis Dental Care patients.

The results are in and we’re delighted to announce our five lucky winners:

Debbie Busby

Michael Baker

Bernadette Mysor

Alison Firth

Catherine Walker

We’ve contacted the winners and cannot wait to begin their treatment and put an Oasis Dental Care sparkle in their smiles.

Whitening with Oasis

Don’t be disheartened in you didn’t win this time. There will be plenty more competitions coming your way in the next edition of the Smile Magazine. Plus there’s also the fact that whitening with Oasis Dental Care may not cost as much as you thought. You can choose from our At Home Whitening Kit or our Dental Surgery Whitening.

At Home Whitening

With our At Home Whitening your dentist will create custom made trays that fit around your teeth snugly. You will place the special whitening gel into the trays, and them wear them for an allotted amount of time.

Don’t worry, your Oasis Dentist will demonstrate exactly how to apply the gel. The great thing about At Home Whitening Kits is that you can use them in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

We’re now delighted to announce our fantastic Whitening for the Weekend offer. This offers you a way to whiten your teeth just in time for the weekend for only £129! (Terms and conditions apply). 

Dental Surgery Whitening

Our in surgery whitening offers faster results than most alternatives. Your dentist will put a protective shield or gel over your gums, and then apply a whitening agent carefully to your teeth. You still use trays when you’re at home to top up the effects.

If you’ve any questions about either type of whinteing methods, we’d be happy to answer them. Just contact your local Oasis Dental Care practice