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Can a dream smile land a dream job?

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A recent YouGov poll of 2,125 people found over a quarter of respondents (26%) were unhappy with their smiles. And nearly two thirds (64%) of people who were asked said the appearance of their teeth affected their confidence.

Maybe it’s the rise in ‘selfies’ and the sheer amount of snaps being taken these days, but smiling in photographs was a common area of nervousness for those who were less than happy with their teeth. But what’s more interesting is that over half (55%) of the survey participants believed that bad teeth could hamper their chances of finding a new partner, and nearly half (46%) believed it could have the same effect when it came to their chances of getting a job.

‘They say the smile is one of the first things we notice about people, so perhaps it’s not surprising that people can be concerned over the state of their teeth - and feel that it impacts on the way others see us and even our chances of getting a job” said David Leatherbarrow, Chief Operating Officer of Oasis Dental Care.

But the good news from the survey is that people seem to understand what they can do to take care of their smiles; nearly three quarters (72%) said brushing twice a day was important and a similar 71% identified stopping smoking as a quick way to improve their smiles.